AHYH: Ehieh Asher/Esher Ehieh : Aleph-Hay-Yod-Hay

Ehieh Esher/Asher Ehieh
5 10 5 1   200 300 1   5 10 5 1
Gematria: 21   Gematria: 501   Gematria: 21
Gematria: 543

5 300 40
Gematria: 345

Exodus 3:14
And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

Mosheh is aware of his future mission. He will serve YHWH, but so far he has not had a direct revelation of what YHWH is. He is a stranger to that name, so he calls his son Gershon, which means stranger.

One day he goes with Jethro's flocks beyond the lands he usually treads. He goes into the enchanted regions of Elohim's desolate life, into the deep dwellings of existence. That region has a name: Horeb. From its terrible dryness, a spark of light flashes suddenly, an "angel", and behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed (Exod. 3:2).

YHWH sees that Mosheh turns round to see this great light, and to wonder why this bush is not burnt Then comes the revelation.

Mosheh's mission is now fully revealed to him, but he still does not know whose voice it is that speaks to him. (Exod. 3:13) When I come unto the children of Israel ... and they shall say to me, what is his name? what shall I say unto them?   And here comes the prodigious revelation, the splendid, the dazzling truth: "Aleph-Hay-Yod-Hay. Aleph-Sheen-Raysh. Aleph-Hay-Yod-Hay."

All the translations of these ideograms, even in the Hebrew language, are abominable desecrations. A man skilled in the Qabala needs but to contemplate those few signs to be aware of it. If he truly is of the Qabala, the universe invades him with all that lives and all that dies, and that which exists, and that which does not exist, and that which has ever existed, and that which will be, and that which never was; though time and space are there, they dissolve into timelessness; for therein lies the prodigious mystery of all that is determined by indetermination. The sanctification is there, and a man dies to himself for being so much alive.

It is thus said: Go and say: Aleph-Hay-Yod-Hay has sent me to you. Yes. You will say Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay has sent me to you. Yes, Aleph-Hay-Yod-Hay. Yes. Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay. A Yod for an Aleph. A Hay for a Yod. A Vav for a Yod. A Hay for a Hay.

And that is the Qabala. It is easy to understand it when one knows the game, the game that the Aleph-life-death-life-death and the Yod-existence must play continuously; the Aleph, discontinuous pulsation, at times immanent, at times activated, and Yod permanent and continuous: Yod the perpetual loser in spite of the psyche that does not want to die. All this is easy to understand when one knows that all life is two lives and that Adam is Aleph inside the blood.

Such is the revelation granted to Mosheh of one of the two mysteries of Israel: the Qabala. The other mystery is the circumcision. It will be granted, as we all know, by Zifforah, when she will save Mosheh from YHWH's aggression (Exod.4:25-26): Then Zifforah took a sharp stone and cut off the foreskin of her son and cast it at his feet, and said, Surely a bloody husband thou are, becasue of the circumcision.

If we imagine YHWH as a tramp or a brigand at large, and fail to understand the truth underlying those symbols, this episode appears to be insane. When we know the inner, vital necessity of the myth, YHWH, Zipporah and Mosheh himself are only personifications of symbols.

The objective historical fact is that from that time on, a convenant has been established between YHWH and Israel in its flesh and life evolving towards a higher state of humanity. The movement of that life is intergrated in the bodies of flesh, whether the Jew yield to it or not.

Suares, SY, p.32-33
It is the name of the Game. The conflict between the unknowable, endless ALEPH, alive (HAY), and the projection of itself in existence, YOD, alive (HAY).

ALEPH is the tremendous Energy behind the movements of the Cosmic Breath, the Angel of the Lord, SHEEN thoughout the Great Dwelling, the Cosmic Container, the support of All and Everything, the Universe, RAYSH.

It is the name of the Game. The conflict between the unknowable, endless ALEPH, alive (HAY), and the projection of itself in existence, YOD, alive (HAY).

And so MOSHIEH understands THAT whose commission he has to undertake. And he fulfills the destiny of his name as "the waters" MEM within which the 'cosmic breath' SHEEN engenders this second life HAY which 'burns' within him and enables him to accomplish his mission in the face of opposition in every way as strong as that in the face of which YHSHWH (Jesus) accomplished another mission 1,500 years later in secular history, achieving a further phase in The Great Game.

Suares, Tree II, 110-111

Harold Bloom, in Jesus, Yahweh and the Names Divine (p.74), points out that the great Rabbis of the early first millennium and later did not pay much attention to the Name AHYH, at least until Maimonides in the 12th century in Guide to the Perplexed, but that the Christians have attached much greater significance to the Name, because of the similarity of "I am who/that I am" to Reb YHShWH's "Before Abraham was, I am" (John 8:58). Bloom sees these as the "sublime statements" in their respective Testaments. Bloom's translation is "I will be present wherever and whenever I choose to be present."

The usual top three God Names in Judaism are Elohom, YHWH and El Shaddai. Followed by many more, until eventually we get to every letter in the Torah.

The Karaites see AHYH's signficance as "God's" Holy, or essential name.
  1. Alhym; is Godís Authoritive name.
  2. YHVH; is Godís Divine name.
  3. AHYH; is Godís Holy name.

In terms of the myth, the first human to use a God name was Hheva, when she said "I have acquired a man A-Z YHWH."

Suares mentions that Moshe called his son Gershon (stranger) because he was, as yet, a stranger to YHWH.

So we could envision our mythical conversation as:

Moses: "Who are you really, YHWH?

The Qabala, of course, avoids getting trapped in idiomatic God names and goes straight to the essence of these equations.

We can also see AHYH as the seed or union of both YHWH and Elohim, with the Aleph and Yod of each plus the double life of Hay-Hay (but "withdrawn" from manifestation, Ym, the sea in Elohim).

Or as an intermediate equation between Ayn (Sof) -- Aleph-Yod-Noun (general equation for everything, translated "nothingness") and YHWH-Elohim.

AHYH receives the Aleph-Yod (infinite consciousness and its projection into space-time) from the Ayn of Ayn-Sof and adds the double life of YHWH to the Yod and the projection into the biopshere (Lammed-Hay-Yod-Mem) to the Aleph.

The heavenly fire is always masculine, while the witness of its resurrection is necessarily feminine (Mary Magdalene in the Gospels).

The Number 543 - I AM THAT I AM
Harold Bloom: "I will be present wherever and whenever I choose to be present"

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