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The Gematria of Gematria
Numerical / Formative Symbolism of the 22 Hebrew Letters
Comparative Numerology
Hebrew Numbers with Gematria
Gematria of the Autiot (Hebrew Alphabet)

Iamblichus the Theology of Arithmetic
Hypertext Gematria & Numerology Tables
Alphanumerics: the Alphabet and Cardinal Numbers
Wikipedia: Gematria: 22 Regular Polygon Solids
Graveworm: Philosophical Qabala: Meaning of the Autiot
Gematria, Hebrew -
The Art of Gematria: Hebrew Numerology
Full Letter Gematrias
Chilufei Otiyot: Alphabetic Transformations: Ayik-becher (three levels)
Microsoft Word - Hebrew Algebra.doc - hebalgebra.pdf - The Hebrew Mathematical Tradition

Hebrew Gematria, The Mathematics of the Torah | Jewish Mysticism | Collation

The Code of the Ancient Gematrian Numbers | Longitude | Latitude
Magical Alphabets | Hermetic Qabalah | Alphabet
The Art of Gematria | Kabbalah | Mythology
Hebrew Gematria | Hermetic Qabalah | Hebrew Language
Mezuzah Gematria | Torah | Hebrew Words And Phrases
On Gematria: An Introduction to the Number Mysticism of the Hebrews | Kabbalah | Torah
Hebrew Gematria - Finding numerical relationships in the Texts
Gematria Index - Ladder of Jacob

Infinity of Number and Infinity of Being in Leibniz's Metaphysics

Hebrew Numerology: Letter Filling: milui (principal miluim of the Name Havayah: note 42 not included)
Gematria (Hebrew Numberology) Index of Tools and Resources
The Aleph | Torah Portion, Hebrew numerology, Kabbalah, alphabet, Judaism, The Bible, Gematria, Aleph
Significance of numbers in Judaism
The Theology of Arithmetic: Numbers in Antiquity
Eschatological Number Symbolism in Judaism and early Christianity Eschatological symbolism in Judaism and early Christianity
Medieval number symbolism (google books) : A Brief Look at Numeral Systems and Numeral Biases
Numericana - Numbers, Numerical Arcana, Numerical Facts...
every number has its own significance
Numerology Index
Grammar, Arithmology, And Isopsephy - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Numerology: Find Out Its Meaning and OCSignificance -- Takanta
NUMEROLOGY | Core Numbers Numerology Calculator

Bible Wheel: Intrinsic geometric structure of the Holy Bible, integrated with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet *
Bible Wheel: Gematria Reference Database | Full Text Hebrew/Greek Bible Gematria Database
Introduction to the Gematria Reference | The Number Seven and Scripture
Creation HyperHolograph: Genesis 1.1
The Number 666 - God's Secret Place
The Number 777 - In the Firmament of Heaven

Hebrew Glossary with their Gematria
18. The perfect number 496
Observations 496
Tami Vincent: Gematria: The Pseudo Science of Arithmology : Genesis 1:1. The total gematria value for all seven words is 2701 (37 x 73). In adding the 7 Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1 in different combinations, one will find 23 multiples of the number 37.
Gematria Aplicada
1,2,3,4: Pythagoras

John Baez: My Favorite Numbers
What's Special About This Number?

Vernon Jenkins: The Other Bible Code
Omens: the Secret Code of the Bible | The Ultimate Assertion
Vernon Jenkins: Re: Powers that Be (was Year of Destiny?!)
The New Bible Code: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
What a Beginning! (V. Jenkins)
Themes from Creation's Blueprint
e-almanac: Seven
Nondual Perspectives: Non-dualism and Western Philosophers, by Greg Goode, Ph.D.
Seven: "UC" Resonance: The Number Seven/7
Harlan: Gematria Mispar Types
Talli, Tzitzit, Tekhlet: Hebrew Gematria: Meaning of the Knots: "You will see the fringes and remember all God's mitzvot and do them" Numbers 15:39
Jewishpath: Gematria
Hebrew Aleph / Bais Gematria Chart
Akiva Belk: The Mystical Connection of Learning Passed Down from Noach
Gematria: The Mystery Of The Sav
Kabbalah - Digging out the hidden codes and teaching of Kabbalah.
Initial Bible code (kabbalah, gematria, key of Moses)
Gematria, Atbash Cipher
BottomLayer: The Gematria Project
The Gematria Hypothesis: masoretic Torah text is a computer program
Gematria Numbers in the Pentateuch by Occurance
The Greek and Hebrew Alphabet with numeric equivalents
Fabre d'Olivet
Gematria: History and Principles: The Magickal Correspondences of Words and Numbers
H. Peter Aleff: Ancient Creation Stories told by the Numbers * | Numerals and constants: Tetractys
The Tetractys
Godchecker : Mythology Articles and Opinion : Mythmatics: Numbers
??? ??????
Mystic Eye Numerology Information!
Digits Project: Numbers of the World 0-9
Philologos: Notions of Numerology
Dr. Kwame Nantambu: Role of Numbers in Ancient Kemet (Egypt)
J.S.Graham: Numerometria
Pythagorean numerology - Google Scholar
Theosophy: The Pythagorean Science of Numbers
Theosophy: Blavatsky: Symbolism of the Numbers
Theosophy : The Symbolism of Numbers
1,2,3,4: Pythagoras and the Cosmology of Number

137 (FSC)
Fine-structure constant: = 137.035 999 11(46)
The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything Is 137. Maybe. | by Kenneth Ronkowitz | Medium
137: Jung, Pauli, and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession , Miller, Arthur I. -
Why the number 137 is one of the greatest mysteries in physics - Big Think Famous physicists like Richard Feynman think 137 holds the answers to the Universe.
137 (number) - Wikipedia

Introduction to Number Symbolism in Buddhism
The Symbolism of the Mayan Numbers
The Meaning of Numbers
Various Systems of Concept Catagorized by Number
The Christian Use of Jewish Numerology
Gematria Server: Hebrew Naeq, God, Greek, Enochian
Gematria - Eidolons of Ash
Hebrew Letters: Secret Code
Genesis Formula
William John Meegan: Index of Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia's Mathematical Web-Pages
Sevens in Gen 1:1
Lucky Number Seven
The Number Seven
Inner Alchemy: Exodus
Code of the Ancients
Philologos: Misc Study: Gematria: Biblical Calculations
Philologos | Number in Scripture by E.W. Bullinger Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance
The True Bible Code is a Symbolic Code. The ELS Hebrew 'Bible Code' is a fake
Vernon Jenkins: The Genesis Geometries
Odeion: Bligh Bond & Thomas Lea: 'Gematria'
Steven Angelo Broome: Throne: Sacred Geometry in the Torah (Triangular Numbers in Bereshit)
Data Integrity Patterns of The Torah: A Tale of Prime, Perfect and Transcendental Numbers
Does God think 1 is prime?
John Tng (26 Sep 2005) - "Star of David & SHEMA (Part 1) "
The gematria of the Ten Commandments (21312) is a PALINDROME which equals 9 x 2368 (JESUS CHRIST)
JESUS found in Genesis 1:1 (2701: 37/73 triangles
"The God of Light of Genesis 1:1 (Part One)"
Numeric patterns in the original Hebrew and Greek in the Bible
John Opsopaus: Arithmatical Theology of Triads
Kathy Bernstein: The Forgotten Language of Creation
Numerology: What's in a Number?
Number Symbology: Old Testament
Biblical Numerics and Hebrew Gematria
Evolutio Rodurago - The world of numbers by Selim Özkan (alphanums in early alphabets)
Truth in Numbers: Revealed Secrets in the Bible By Reuven Wolfeld - Google Book Search
Black Fire Gematria - David Lawrence Singer
Hebrew Gematria
Philosophy « Constable Research B.V. - About Mystical Number Theory and Pascal’s Triangle -December 2nd, 2011
About the Vedic Square « CONSTABLE RESEARCH B.V. the Cycle of Nine implemented in the Digital Root or Modulus 9-Function. The Digital Root generates many Patterns that were used in Ancient Architectures.

New Bible Code: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
About Numbers | The Key: 169 | Creation
Misapplied Mathematics: The Crown of Numerology
Gematria and Christmatics

Gematria Calculator
Java Gematric Calculator
Isopsephia Calculator
Thesis Calculator
Theosophical Extension Calculator
JavaScript Gematria Calculator
Achad - gematria engine
WebGim: Hebrew Gematria Calculator (in Hebrew)
Hebrew Gematria Calculator (in Hebrew)
Hebrew gematria
NumberMan: Flash Greek Gematria Calculator
NumberMan: Flash Hebrew Gematria Calculator

Overview of Hebrew Gematria
Greek & Coptic Gematria Database
Pater's & Easton's Bible Dictionary w/Gematria values and Hebrew/Greek/English Calculator
Literal Kabbalah: Gematria & Numerology
Irreality: Gematria/Numerology Calculators
Number Chart and Random Number Generator
Qabalah's of Numbers
Aiwaz: Tine Kuent: Gematric Coding
Hebrew Gematria: by Bill Heidrick
Golden Dawn: Gematria

Laputan Logic: The Evolution of Numbers
Jewitchery On The Edge: Categories Of Gematria
Biblical Numerics - Numbers And Their Meanings
God Counts: Christian Numerological Meanings
Gematria: Words, Numbers, God
Moshe Zew: Numeric System of the Bible (Multi-lingual) | QBLA
Theomatics: Original Code in the Bible
Theomatics Debunked
The Harmonic of Time on Earth To Light
Jewish Heritage: Letters and Gematria
Seven: Hebrew Rootword Sh-va-`a
Jewish Feminist Resources Gematria
The Secret of Nine
The Code Zone: "What's Up With This "9" Thing, Anyway?"
About Mystical Number Theory « Constable Research B.V. : About the Number Nine
The Lost Greek Arts of Gematria and Sacred Geometry
Gematria and the Book of Mormon
Gematria: Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
Number Systems - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
Gematria Values: Hebrew, Greek, Runic, Roman, Japanese Alphabets
Mathematical Miracle of the Quran
Propagation of the Zero
Shehzad Saleem: Huroof-i-Muqatta`att: Farahi's Theory
Mathematical Miracles in the Qur'an or the Bible?

Six Hundred Sixty-Six But Not 666 Edward L. Pothier (July 1991)
October 2005 FATE - 666: What's in a Number? by Lon Milo DuQuette
National Post: Beast's real mark devalued to '616' -- Revelation fragment
Theomatics - 616 or 666
Number of the Beast (numerology)
EinGhedi: Just Who is "Mr. 666"?
Bible Prophecy Research: 666
Properties of the number 666
Pothier: Six Hundred Sixty-Six but not 666
666 and 888 Who is the man whose number is 666?
Mike Keith: The Number of the Beast (mathematics of 666)
The Antichrist Codes
616: The Other Number of the Beast
George W Bush: Anti-Christ
The Two Beasts and Their Deception (13:1-18)
Reckoning the Number of The Beast by He Who Claimth Understanding
Reckoning the Number of The Beast by He Who Claimth Understanding
A Number sent from God (Obama is the triple beast)

Bible Codes
Literal Kabbalah: Gematria & Numerology
Towards a Celtic Numerology
Number Symbolism in the Middle Ages
Literal Kabbalah: Gematria & Numerology
Gary Val Tenuta: CodeUFO: Synchroni-City: Home of the Interconnected Universe
CodeUFO: Alpha-numeric Patterns Discovered Within The English Alphabet
CodeUFO: The Number 9
CodeUFO: The Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid
222 Divine
Mesopotamian Mathematics
The Great Pyramid: The Revelation Adam in Stone
Hebrew & Greek Gematria Table
Hildebrandt: Numerology in Theory and Practice
T Roberti: The English Qaballa, The Pentagram in the Sky, and Bucky Fuller's Synergetics
History of the Pentagram
Masonic Symbolism of the Arithmetical Number Five
John Glenn & Masonic Numbers
Tony Warren: The Numbers in the Scriptures
The pentagram
Meaning of the Six Pointed Star
Peter's Gematria Site
Sacred Cosmology: Precolumbian Mesoamerican Symbolism
Symbolism and Number
Numbers: Symbolism and Properties
Properties of the Number 72
Kadosh Pythagoreanism, 72 Angels and YHShWY
Numbers from 1 to 10 in Over 4500 Languages
The Mystica: Numerology | Gematria
Numerological Signs of the Second Coming
History of Numerology
A.B. Kuhn: The Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet
Pythagorean Numbers
Vedicmaths: Pythagoras and the Cosmolgy of Number
About: The Magic of Vedic Maths
Vedic Mathematics
Hardegree: Numeration Systems
Margaret Magnus: Letter Meanings According to Mystical Traditions
Numerology & Cosmology: Primary Divisions of Ten
Numerology: The Primary Divisions of Ten
Pi and Traditional Gematria
Use of Numbers in the Ancient Near East and in Genesis

Mathpages: Solving Magic Squares
Solution to the /arithmetic/magic.squares. problem
Mathforum: Suzanne Alejandre's Magic Squares
Neil Abrahams: Franklin Order-8 Squares
Clifford A. Pickover: The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars
Magic sequences
Prime Magic Squares
Magic Triads
Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns
Wolfram Research: Magic Square | Durer's Magic Square
Fabrizio Pivari: Simple Magic Square checker and gif maker
A very, very magic square (25x25)
Shin's Magic Square World: The Perfect Solution For the Magic Square (with work of John Hendricks)
John Cormie: The Anti-Magic Square Project
Tony Smith: Freudenthal-Tits Magic Square
Magic Square Patterns
Magic Square of Squares
Magic Square Page
Unique matrix positions in magic square pattern rotation and reflection
SET® Mathematics Mathematical Proof of the Magic Square by Llewellyn Falco
4x4 and 6x6 Magic Squares
Multi-Magic Squares
Grog's Magic Squares
Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns
Mike's Magic Square
Magic Squares and Hyper Cubes
Uri Raz: Herman Baer's Magic Square of Squares
Perfect Magic Cube of Order 5 Discovered
Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns
Prime Magic Squares | Magic Cubes | Site Summary br> Math Games:Times Square Magic

Tetra Space Co-ordinates: A tetrahedron-based system of space co-ordinates
The Sacred Cube and the New Jerusalem
History of Magic Squares: Ismailis & Breathern of Purity
Thai Yantras & Magic Squares
Terry Alden: The 22 Enigma

Numberquest: Traditional Number Meanings and Correspondences
Literal Kabbalah: Gematria & Numerology
Wisdomportal: Numbers 1-100 | On the Number 7 | On the Number 26 | On the Number 53
Gematria evidence of God *
612 formulas of the TORAH; kabbalah, gematria, key of Moses
Gematria: Expansions of the Holy Names of G–d
The Infinite Book
515: Dante's Mystic Number
Greek Gematria Index | The Word of God: Number 37 Mag's 37 Factoids Page
Andrew Harris: Symbolism: The Numbers The number ten
37 - Thirty Seven - 37
The Symbolism of the Mayan Numbers
Crystalinks: Deja Allison: Numerology 2: Numbers and their Meanings
Robin Robertson: Number as Archetype
Bible Code Software
Basque Numerical Philosophy
The Mystica: Numerology
Toward a Celtic Numerology
Joyce: Knowledge contained in numbers
Numbers and Numerology: Ballantrae Book List
Number as Archetype
Qualitative Number Theory (4th Way)
The Wonderful World of Thirty-Six (36)
The Secret Center of Hadit
The Symbolic World Revealed via Numbers
Gematrijos menas, hebraju numerologija (Lithuanian) the alternative angle for the alternative age (everything about 7)
Anti Hebrew Roots: Literal Kabbalah: Gematria & Numerology
WTC Numerology
Symbolism of NUMBERS et of geometrical FORMS
The Combination Of Analysis And Synthesis In Numerical Symbolism
The Circle Of Twelvefold Systemization
A Study of Numerological Simularity within David, Revelations, and II Esdras
Eighth Day Assembly: Biblical Gematria and Numerics | Biblical Gematria
Numberquest: Meanings of the Numbers
Baker's Evangelical Dictionary: of Biblical Theology Numbers, Symbolic Meaning of
Gematria of Allah and Muhammad
:: Article :: | Edip Yüksel | A Debate on Code 19
muqatta'at Fawatih Ilm Huroof sufi Secrets of Numbers Letters
Sobre el Número 33
Hidden Treasures of Numbers
The Numbers of God
Mark Foster: Neoplatonism: A Metaphysical Precedent for the Structural Dialectics Paradigm
G. de Purucker: Monads, Centers of Consciousness
Dee Finney: Symbolism of the The Number Three | Five | Eleven | Seventy-Two
Dee Finney: 132 and 248: The Second Coming and the Final Judgement
Interactive Numerology
Syndex: Synchrograph C: Number Mysticism
Number Mysticism & Alphanumeric Writing
Synergetic Base-10 Number Dynamics
Numerology: As Above, So Below
The Nvisibile: 11:11 Doorway Great Dreams: Flight 111 - Plane Crash - Nova Scotia
Coincidence and 11:11
NumberMan: 1111
Baroque acoustics, numerology, mathematics and gematria of J. S. Bach and A. Werckmeister, related to "wohltemperirt" tuning
Number Symbolism in Bach Cantatas Literal Kabbalah: Gematria & Numerology: are ancient traditions Biblically sound? (no)
The Mystical Number Seventeen
17 and Yellow Pigs
19x19lc: Great Pyramid and the Number 19/Nineteen | The Strange Role of the Number 19
Notes on the Number 23
Disinfo: the 23 enigma: captain clark welcomes you aboard!
John Sayer: The 23 Enigma
unity of multi: synchronous occurrence of the number Twenty-Three (23) with application to the Law of Fives (2+3=5)
The Number 23 | The Official Site
fUSION Anomaly. 23
Properties of the Number 11
Biblical Numerology
The Amazing Sevens
Number 13
The Number 13
Jefferson, the Number 13, and the Return of the Feminine
The Rejections of Pascal's Wager: Mathematical Errors in the Bible - Gematriahs of the Bigdei Kehuna
Gematria: Keter+Hhokmah+Binah=ET Satan
IAO: The Eternal Sun
Peter Wakefield Sault: The Keys of Atlantis: An Introduction to Gematria
Revived Qabalah: Lexicon: Maqom/Makom: Place
Gematria: 186: Maqom, Golgotha, Qof
Numerical Secrets | Harmonic Synchronicity | The Harmony of 4860 and 27
Numbers and History of Numbers
Arthur E. Rosengarten, Ph.D: Meaningful Numbers (w/Tarot off-by-one errors)
Joseph E. Mason: The Cycle of Time Number 432
Linda Goodman: The Meanings of the Numbers
Jim Fournier: About 23
VTSophia: Symbols of Seven
Earth/matriX: Charles William Johnson: The Numbers of the Universe and the Ancient Reckoning System of Mesoamerica
IFSS: Numbers: Endgame in Philosophy
Gematria (Numerology): Hebrew, Greek, English
Michael McClain: Numerology
Annotated Bibliograpy: Numbers
Biblical Numerics
Crowley: The Numbers
Bible et Nombres: site eschatologique
153 Fishes
Catholic Encyclopedia: Use of Numbers in the Church
Anna Baldino: The Quest for 555 Chronicles
Biblewheel: The Number 555 - Walking with God
Lawrence Joffe: The Hebrew Alphabet: Gematria
Calculated Reasoning: Gematria, Numerology, Tarot, Tree of Life
The Mystery of the Sacred Proto-Bulgarian Number - the Number Seven (+ PB Planetary names)
Greek Esoteric Music Theory: The Seven Harmoniai
Answer to the mystery of life is four
Michael Freedman: Gematria: Magic/Magick
Universal Dances 432
165, Gematria and Astrological Factors

The Number 216 - The Holy of Holies (Oracle) (Davir, Geburah, Arieh, Oomq, Roqhez, Horeb)
Genesis One: The Sacred Code of Creation - Google Book Search (216)

2012 Forum • View forum - Numerology & Gematria
Review: Gematria
Jacqueline Brook: Musings on the Numbers in the Menorah
Gematria by Kenneth Grant: extract from 8/9/2000 letter
Enochian Gematria
Liber Gematria (1st Draft) By Frater I Nigris (666)
The Myth of 786 and Quran
The Circle of Time: 1998 Marked by God
Greatdreams: 9-11-2001 Numerical Symbolism
Gematria: Mysteries in Letters Values
Greaterthings: 911 and 666: Prophetic Ramifications of September 11, 2001 and WWII
Number and Logos by Gotthard Guenther, part 4 Gotthard Günther
A Study of Numerological Simularity within David, Revelations, and II Esdras
Hedley Palmer: The Algegra of the Bible
5doves: The Filling of Immanuel
612 formulas of the TORAH; kabbalah, gematria, key of Moses
skepdic: numerology (shallow)
Mysterious number 6174
Les nombres et la Franc-Maconnerie
Numerology (traditional associations)
Das Dezimalsystem in der lateinischen Sprache

369 - Jain 108 Academy